Marsala Spółka z o.o. for many years has been carrying out comprehensive fit-out of buildings interiors and areas of public use. In line with the Client’s guidelines and according to his needs, we develop projects, based on many years of experience. We provide advice with respect to selecting specialists, taking into account new trends in stylistics as well as the established image of a company, institution or an office.

We take care of material and equipment selection, quality of outfitting, furniture, and also small, but important details. For smooth operation, we prepare all necessary installations and networks, which due to comprehensive work organisation, may be arranged and installed in the right order, preventing any problems or stoppages – always on time.

Tried-and-tested teams prepare sanitary, electric, telecommunication, audio-visual and firefighting systems and assemble air-conditioning and ventilation systems.

Interior designers arrange space that fosters co-operation among employees, good team communication, as well as regeneration and natural inspiring conversation when needed.

We develop work environment taking into account all aspects which influence it: acoustics, ergonomics, lighting, temperature, walls and furniture colours, comfort and safety.

We fit-out conference rooms and develop computer networks, as well as install equipment with parameters chosen by the Client, at the Client’s request, with the support of our specialists.

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